Villa Information - Instructions - Directions etc

)Print these essential details before you leave. There is a translation option at top of this page if you need it.
)Arrival time. Entry to the villa after 4.00pm.  Exceptions by prior arrangement only. Key location is explained in the directions below.
)We only meet guests at the villa if specially requested. These instructions provide all you will need to arrive and enjoy the villa. 
)Our Visits. We visit to clean the pool etc every three to four days, around 9am - 9:30am.
)Bed linens & Bath towels are provided. Beach Towels, Toiletries, Shampoo etc should be brought with you.
)Taxis that know the villa.  Loli 606 959697 or Emilio 616 008035. Mention "Villa Mexicana", Torrox
)Winter - Nov-April, can get cold in Spain. Remember to bring plenty of warm clothes with you.
)Summer - Screens are fitted to all windows, however for summer evenings we recommend you bring insect repellents with you..

)Villa to be vacated *before* 10.00am on the day of departure.
)Please close any food containers and drop off rubbish on your way.
)Villa should be left reasonably clean and tidy. 
)Leave the keys under the pot where they were left for you.


Directions To Villa (from Malaga airport) and Key pick up ......
Follow signs for the main coast motorway (A7 Direction Motril & Almeria). Heading eastwards out of Malaga the exit for Torrox is reached after about 35 minutes. 

Turn off the Motorway at Torrox (Exit 285). You will now come to a roundabout which you circulate anticlockwise and follow back under the motorway to the roundabout on the other side of the motorway (by the BP Petrol Station) where you take the turnoff for Torrox.


Follow the road 800 meters
  until you come to a roundabout with "Torrox" written in large letters. At the roundabout there are three choices; The road for Competa which continues up the valley to the left; To the right the road leads to the center of Torrox village; And straight ahead where the road follows a steep uphill gradient.


Take the road to the left, that is, the road signposted for Competa. Now we have to follow this road for 3 km to reach the house. Simply follow the km signposts marked A-7207 (showing distances from Competa) until you reach the one marked 14 km. When you have found the 14 km marker continue for 200m around the next bend and start looking for the turnoff, a small tarmac/cement road that joins on the right. The turnoff is quite easy to locate as there are some large double iron gates on the right at the same place and some rubbish bins.

Now, having found the exit, turn right uphill onto this road. The road divides almost immediately, with a track that continues downwards to the right on past the iron gates, (ignore this) and keeping always to the left follow the road up and around for 50 meters. You will pass a white farmhouse with a large white circular water deposit tank on your left

Just next to the water deposit there is another small tarmac road that joins from the left. Turn left onto this road. To find the entrance to the villa continue following the road up for about 250 meters until the road makes a sharp right turn and climbs uphill steeply. The entrance to the villa is just a few yards further, on the right between two white concrete posts and marked "2996".


Drive between the posts and follow the 50m of driveway and park in front of the house.

Key Location. Open the wooden patio doors.  The house keys are underneath a small plastic plant pot on the ground immediately on your right.

Open Villa Doors. You will see three locks on the black metal front doors. The middle lock is not used. The longer of the two keys provided opens the top and bottom locks. Locks open anti-clockwise. Lights are inside on the right. On entering the house you will find yourself in the dining room/ kitchen area. A sitting room is accessed through metal security doors off the kitchen. The bolts are opened top, middle and bottom.

Welcome to La Mexicana!




Notes and Guidance for villa use........
)Registration Forms will be at the villa. Please sign them so we can collect them when we visit.
)Water from the taps is safe for drinking. Hot water is provided from an electric/solar water heater.
)Cleaning and Bed Linen. Houses are cleaned and prepared before your arrival and the beds will be made with clean sheets etc. For rentals of two weeks or more a change of sheets will be provided to the villa around every seventh day.
)Pool Cleaning is performed every three to four days. We will usually visit at around 9:30am always ringing the bell before entering the terrace area. Please help us to keep the pool in perfect condition for you by cleaning the water surface regularly (leaves etc) and scoop out any foreign objects with the pool net provided.
)Use waterproof sunscreens. In hot weather and with heavy use, a pool can turn green in just a few short hours. Please limit the use of sun oils when bathing.
)Keeping the house cool in summer Keeping the fridge at medium setting and isolating the TVs when not in use will make a difference to the general temperature inside the villa. When really hot then closing shutters during the day and then opening all windows during the night and early morning will also help to change the air and maintain a comfortable inside temperature.
)Ants.  You will have a kitchen full of tiny ants in a few hours if not scrupulously clean, especially in summer. Sweeping the floor and wiping kitchen work surfaces after meals is a must, as is closing any food bags, bread etc.
)Security. When leaving the villa the Metal entrance doors must always be locked, paying special attention to the Sprung bolts top and bottom which must be in position or the doors can be pulled open. The Interior Iron doors should also be secured together with the glass back door.
)Smoking - Important. Almost every year there are serious fires in the Torrox countryside.  The Guardia Civil will look for those responsible. Please take the upmost care when smoking outside.
)Candles lit outside are popular with our guests. Please if you do this be sure to place the candles on a plate as candle wax is very difficult to clean from the terracota tiles and also the candle bases get very hot and will burn tables etc.
)Insects and Animals. Always maintain the metal entrance doors closed, a worthwhile precaution as the doors have an effective insect/mice barrier at the bottom. 
)CCTV There are two exterior cameras which cover the front door and parking areas. Both are switched off during guest stays, We reserve the right to use them if we suspect that villa security may be at risk, eg burglaries etc, and will inform you of this.
)The Dining room TV has Spanish and other non-English channels.
)The Lounge TV has a selection of English programs, bbc/itv/sky sport etc.  The stream is connected to the HDMI 2 input on the TV. This will probably be the default at start up if not then... select HDMI 2 from the TV menu.  After around a full minute wait you will be asked to choose from the BB4S menu list. Using the second handset select FREE BB4S. Then continue to use the control for channel changing etc. The third remote control is for the DVD player.
)WIFI The router is located in the dining room. Network Name is BB4S.COM-NC495 Password cbjutvsp
)DVD. To use, change the TV input using the TV/AV button and selecting AV2 from the list. The DVD has its own remote control.
)Music System. The music system in the dining room is operated with the hand control. The "Function" button will cycle through AM/FM/CD/USB options. We have provided USB memory sticks with music selections we have prepared R&B, Jazz, chill, etc. 
)Supermarkets, Mercadona, Lidl etc open all day and Sunday mornings at Torrox Costa.
)Eroski Center is a large shopping center and multi cine at nearby Velez Malaga. Take the motorway back towards Malaga and turn off at Velez Malaga. (exit 272)
)Rubbish should be dropped off daily in one of roadside bins. Never leave rubbish bags outside the villa as this will attract wasps and possibly stray dogs.
)Cleaners and detergents are under the kitchen sink. .
)Any Problems contact us on 654 728380.


Tips, Suggestions and Hints. In and around Torrox...
)Torrox Costa has a long promenade and sandy beach with many bars and restaurants etc.
)Weekly morning markets  Torrox Costa - Monday,  Nerja - Tuesday, Torre de Mar - Thursday , Cómpeta - Saturday , Frigiliana - Thursday.
)Diving is popular along the coast between Nerja and Almunecar There are dive shops at Burriana beach Nerja. 
)Torrox Old Pueblo has a central square which is pleasant for sitting around with a drink and few tapas. Best place to park is in the main free carpark which you pass on entering the town from the (top) roundabout. 
)Nerja with its many restaurants and its famous Balcon de Europa is 10 mins further east on the coast road. There is free parking (a bit dusty) just after the old (Supersol) bridge on the left or pay parking following signs for the Balcon de Europa. 
)Nerja has a boot sale/bric-a-brac market every Sunday morning. - This is in the Almijarra urbanization on the east side of Nerja. 

For Children 
)Water Park. Just opposite the Eroski Center (Velez malaga Turnoff - motorway - direction Malaga) AQUAVELEZ makes great day out with children. There are picnic areas and an on-site cafe.
)Nerja Caves are well worth the trip. The caves are about 1 Km east of Nerja.  Signposted either from the motorway or driving through Nerja itself. The caves have some awe inspiring natural stalactites/mites and take about an hour to walk around. There is a restaurant  with a nice terrace and views and also a pedestrian connection to the nearby pretty town of Maro.
)Almunecar has an Aquarium and a Birdpark Lorosexi in the center.
)Canyoning. For older children and adults there are entertaining river walking routes which during June-Sept offer fantastic natural water adventures. Canyoning requires supportive waterproof shoes/boots/old trainers etc. You may want to pack some!. Rio Chillar walk details can be found here. The car park location for this walk is Lat 36°45'51.42"N Long 3°52'19.02"W. A company offering guided treks to these and many more here.

For Adults
)The villa is ideal for exploring the mountain villages on the southern slopes of mount Maroma, There is driving route here known as the Ruta Mudejar which takes in some of the small white villages where Arab architecture still visible. These villages include Competa, Archez, Arenas, Salares, Sedella, and Canillas de Acetuna. This route could be a full day trip from the villa either returning by the same route or via the Viñuela resovoir and the coast motorway.
)Beaches. Perhaps the prettiest are east of the Balcon de Europa in Nerja, The beaches here are in the Natural Park Area from Maro to Almunecar. There is a cheap taxi service to run down and back up to these beaches which have difficult access. La Canuelo beach is a lovely spot for example.
)Burriana beach the largest of Nerja`s beaches is approachable by car and there is free road parking and a pay parking lot.
)Beaches at Torrox can get very busy, however the beaches on the coast road on the way to Nerja are usually quieter with easy parking right next to the beach.
)Granada is a 80 mins drive. Alhambra Palace is reached via a new ring road leading to the site. Look for Signs to the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada on approaching Granada. Allow at least 3 hours for a full visit.  It is essential to pre-book tickets at least two months before visiting, either online or from an agency, tickets have a timed entry. 
)Walking. There are some pleasant walks in the valleys around the villa so feel free to explore. Tourist information can provide maps. You can walk to Torrox Village by taking any of the tracks that follow the Torrox valley seawards.  The walk is about 3km. You may want to note of our Taxi numbers for the return trip! For other walking routes nearby just ask us or consult
)Sea Kayaking. Three choices. 1)Accompanied excursions eg. from Lifeadventure ( far end of Burriana beach in Nerja) offer family trips of about 2 hours exploring the sea cliffs and caves at Nerja.  2)Sea kayaks can be hired at the same place. Both these options offer an unforgettable trip through one of Europe`s most stunning protected cliff/sea environments.. 3)Acantilados Magicos offer kayak hire and trips at Torrox Costa.
)Hikers or 4x4´s can explore the provincial parks nearby. There is a booklet at the Villa called The Sierra of Nerja and the Cliffs of Maro. For walkers this is the great guide with twenty or so routes detailed in English with maps. This booklet is also free from the Nerja Tourist Information (at the Balcon.)
)Competa and especially Frigiliana are pretty towns near Torrox at about 20 mins drive each. 
)Malaga City has much to offer eg; Arab Castle and (free) Malaga museum nearby, Cathedral, Pompidou Center, Picasso Gallery, Titian Museum,  St Petersburg Art Museum and adjacent Vintage Car Museum (free parking). Malaga is about 35 mins away from Torrox. Park in one of the many underground car-parks in the center. Street parking is usually very hard to find.
)Seville, Gibraltar and Ronda are all possible as a day trip with early starts.
)Tangiers (Morocco) is another possible day trip. We recommend you book with a tour group. Tours are offered in many outlets at Torrox Costa and Nerja.
)Sierra Nevada National Park is twenty minutes on past the Alhambra. A world class Ski resort here opens from Dec to April.
)Viñuela Resovoir inland from the Eroski center and on past Velez Malaga (see a map) is a beautiful area and we recommend the nearby hilltop town of Comares to visit. The two locations will take a day to see.

Restaurants and Tapas in Nerja.
Depending on the season and the bar you will likely be offered a choice of free tapas with your beer or wine. The immediate area around the Balcon normally will have tapas as an extra. However you can be a sure that a street or two away the tapas will be offered free with the drink. With over 500 restaurants and bars its always difficult to single out the best. Here are our current recommendations in Nerja.  Maria Bonita; Plaza de Cangrejos is a treat with big spectalar dishes, large portions good prices and an excellent Menu. Pata Negra-59 sofisticated dining en Calle Cristo not far from the Balcon. For seafood tapas and a very Spanish atmosphere El Pulgilla on Calle Admiral Fernadis (near the Balcon) is very good and has a large terrace outback. Lan Sang, is an excellent Thai restaurant in Calle Malaga with a good reputation.  La Oliva tucked up an arcade on the left when entering Calle Pintada from the Balcon de Europa offer international dishes from an English and Michelin chef. Traditional foods and wines served at the long established Meson Antonio in Calle Diputacion. East of the Balcon (Antonio Millon and Plaza la Marina area) Pepe Moles, Mesón Antonio, El Ibirico are among a new throng of tapas bars. A great chill out Coffee/Cocktail terrace on the square behind the church and is called Mar Bella, the terrace is out back and there is also a lovely restaurant here with veiws out to sea. Restaurrant 34 on Calle Carebeo near el Balcon has free tapas on the street terrace and fine dining with views from the garden, special. For coctails on the roof terrace the Fonda De Bhudda off Calle Cristo not far from the Balcon. Cochrans Irish Bar is great for live R&B and is near the Balcon off the path that leads to El Salon beach.   

Restaurants Torrox. 
El Figon is an excellent English/Spanish run restaurant just below the main square and the Biznaga in the main square. For seafood, beach bars or restaurants at Torrox Costa are excellent and La Restinga beach bar on the coast road just before reaching Nerja outskirts. For a beach seafood lunch the last one on the Peñoncillo beach heading to Nerja from Torrox called the Costa del Sol is popular with easy road parking. Recent recommendations for restaurants at Torrox Costa include La Pataleta and La Farola. Not forgetting the two old favorites in Torrox square Pacos and Bar Airies both offering tapas.

General Restaurant Tips.
Try to lunch a little before the Spanish do to avoid the rush (before 1:30pm say) and you will get better service especially at the beach bars. Spanish run establishments welcome and gladly accommodate children. Tipping is not expected in Spanish restaurants. People usually leave small change if satisfied as a gesture (ie; its the thought that counts rather than the %)

Further Afield
A real treat for views and nice food is the rural hotel Los Carocoles on the road between Frigiliana and Torrox. At La Viñuela lake the restaurant Camping Vinuela for BBQ meats, rustic ambience and views of the lake on the west side of the lake (A356) - about 2km after arriving at the lake from Velez Malaga direction. The Hotel Viñuela has a quality restaurant with nice gardens and a views of the lake.



Villa Hire Terms & Conditions.
Acceptance of Terms and conditions. Full payment or payment of the deposit itself indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions, which form a contract between you and the villa owners or their agents Occupancy. Cancellation Policy. Cancellations or curtailment of stay represent a major financial loss to small business es. Should you have to cancel or shorten your stay, you will be liable for any cancellation charges we may have to make. Regrettably your 25% booking deposit is non refundable, therefore we recommend that guests take advantage of travel/holiday insurance. Your accommodation is available from 4pm on day of arrival and must be vacated by 10am on day of departure. The maids need this time to prepare the accommodation properly for incoming guests.However if circumstances permit these times may be varied, but this must be pre-arranged Party Size. At no time must any more persons occupy a property than agreed at the time of booking, except with prior written agreement. Property owners or their agents reserve the right to refuse admittance if this condition is not observed. Arrival. Immediately upon arrival at your holiday home please familiarize yourself with the layout of the property and identify any potential hazards e.g. unexpected steps, slippery surfaces etc. Please also read fully the information sheets provided with the house directions. Insurance. Holiday, personal and travel insurance are essential for your own protection and we strongly recommend that your holiday, you and all members of your party be suitably insured. Insurance is not included with villa rentals. The status of your ocupancy at the villa is as our invited "private guests". Breakages, Damage and Property Care. We trust you to report any breakages or damage to us and request that the property is left in a clean and tidy state. You may be required to pay for any repairs, replacements or extra cleaning as necessary. Property Standards .We endeavor to maintain high standards At Villa Mexicana. However, inevitably, items break or require maintenance, therefore please be aware that you may encounter maintenance staff and gardeners during your stay. Please also remember that these are private homes - please leave the villa in a reasonably clean and tidy condition. We reserve the right to charge for extra cleaning if necessary. Problems with property. If you have a problem during your holiday, immediately inform the local agent who will then endeavour to put things right, If you fail to do this we cannot accept responsibility, as we have not had the opportunity to investigate and rectify the problem. Problems affecting your stay will always be treated the same day although there may be times, such as weekends and public holidays, when repairs may take longer. Pool. Usually maintained and in commission from Easter to the end of October. Sometimes pool equipment breaks or needs maintenance. We cannot be held responsible if a pool is not in commission due to circumstances beyond our control though every effort will be made to solve any problem as quickly as possible. Use of swimming pool is at guests own risk and we specifically request the supervision of children at all times whilst in the pool area. Included in cost. Pool and garden maintenance, Local information notes and maps, Water and electricity, All local and other taxes, All bed linens. Cleaning before and after stay. House keys and property use. You are responsible for the keys whilst they are in your possession and for their safe return to the villa owner or agent. Our information pack may include certain instructions relating to your property and the safe use of equipment etc these should be followed. Safety. The owners and their agents cannot be held responsible for personal injury or accident however caused and therefore advise guests have full personal and holiday insurance. Force Majeure. We cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where our services or any asspect of your holiday is affected by 'force majeure'. Force majeure referes to any event which we could not, foresee or avoid. Such events may include, war, civil commotion or strife, hostilities, strikes or other industrial disputes, natural disasters, fire, acts of God, terrorist activities, technical problems, with transportation, clo sures of airports, changes to flight times and ferries, quarantine, epedemics, weather, government action or any other events outside our control. Rights of Access. The representatives or their subcontractors have the right of access to the property at any time with due regard to the convenience of the hirer for the purpose of inspection of the property and to carry out any essential repair or maintenance work. Our Responsibilities Neither we nor the owners of any accommodation provided shall be under any liability for any injury, death, inconvenience, damage, loss, accident, delay or additional expense howsoever caused, occasioned to or incurred by any of your party or any other person during your stay at any of our properties. Electricity Consumption. We reserve the right to charge for excessive electricity use by guests while at the villa. We read the electricity meter before and after rentals. We have noted that an average weekly consumption of up to 100kw is reasonable usage for this villa. Extra Kw consumption above this amount may be deducted from the villa deposit. Guests Responsibilities. The guest is responsible for taking all reasonable care of the property and its contents. The property and all equipment, utensils, furniture etc. must be left clean and tidy at the end of the hire period. The guest shall ensure that no member of the party engages in any activity in or around the swimming pool which may cause offence to neighbours or pollution to the water or damage to the structure or filtration equipment - this includes unacceptable antisocial behavior. Also, to ensure that the Barbecue is cleaned and that all rubbish is placed in the communal dustbins at roadsides. Security Deposit. We charge a modest security deposit. This is to ensure that the villa is left reasonably tidy, free of damages, the keys are left at the property and that all of the rental terms and conditions are followed. Deposits are usually returned to you within ten days of your stay.  General . All our houses are traditional and rural properties. They are prepared with every care, but remember they are private houses and not hotels. They are taken at guests own risk and the villa owners or agents are not liable for damages or injury to person or any property belonging to any person. No liability is accepted whatsoever for any aspect of the arrangements and, in particular, for any loss, personal injury or death however incurred. Although all reasonable endeavors are made to ensure the accuracy of information provided and the quality and facilities of the villas, we cannot accept any liability whatsoever for problems that occur while guests occupy the villa of their choice. All information has been provided in good faith and no liability is accepted for any misrepresentation of villa material or accommodation. Disputes are referred to Spanish law. Alternative Accommodations. We reserve the right to provide alternative accommodation if due to circumstances beyond our control a property is unavailable for occupancy or rendered unsuitable for occupancy during your stay.  In certain circumstances when we are unable to offer alternative accommodation, and at our own discression, we may pay for emergency accommodation, the total daily cost of which will not be more than the daily cost of the contracted accommodation. Descriptions & Website accuracy. All information contained on our websites has been compiled from up to date details and we have taken care to ensure its accuracy. There may however be occasions when an advertised facility is either modified or unavailable. Such situations may be dictated by local circumstances, necessity for maintenance, local construction work, water shortages, adverse weather, fuel shortages, power cuts, and other circumstances beyond our control. If we are advised of this, we will of course inform you as soon as possible, but we cannot be held liable in such circumstances.Cancellation. If a cancellation is requested mor e than 6 weeks in advance of the letting period the balance of any monies paid, less the booking deposit, will be returned to the tenant. If a cancellation is requested within the 6 weeks prior to the letting period the owner will retain the booking deposit and also reserves the right to retain the balance of the rental payment, should it not be possible to re-let the property. We will always endeavour to re-let the property though and if successful will refund any monies paid less any charges/fees for additional advertising or discounting. We strongly advise you to arrange insurance cover against cancellation for any reason. The security deposit will be refunded for all cancellations. CCTV. There are two exterior cameras which cover the front door and parking areas. Both are normally switched-off/disconnected during guest stays, We reserve the right to use them if we suspect that villa security may be at risk, eg burglary spate etc, and will inform you of this.
  • Romantic Secluded Location
  • Restaurants and Beaches a Short Drive Away.
  • Fantastic Views of Countryside and Sea
  • Country Walks, Canyoning and Cycle Routes Nearby
  • All Day Sun - All Year.
  • Visit Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Malaga etc.
  • Free Unlimited WIFI.
Guest Comments

We stayed at La Mexicana this summer. The location and views are breath taking, the villa is finished to a very high standard and our children enjoyed the pool and the walks in the surrounding fields. ...

Samer and Cindy Youssef

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